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Episode III Trailer

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Note 12/14/2014: The text for this page was written way back in like 2004, or something. I haven't really updated it. At this point I figure, why bother... May as well leave it as it was. Just understand that it's WAY outdated.

I wanted to be the first to produce a trailer for Episode III. I also wanted it to show most of the things that I expect to happen in that movie. Of course, since we don't really know that yet, you could say that this is my interpretation of it.
In a way you could almost consider this "Star Wars Episode III in under 2 minutes.

There is a catch with this trailer though. It's not entirely serious. I really believe that if you keep reading this, it will spoil the film for you. So please don't read any further until you watch the film!!!.

Now, I am writing the rest of this assuming that you have watched the film... The obvious catch with this trailer is that all the human characters are played by "Oobi" characters. If you're not familiar with Oobi, click here.
Basically, if you touch your thumb and middle finger together to make a mouth shape, it doesn't look like much. However, if you stick a pair of eyes on top, suddenly your hand has a personality.

Truth be known, the drive for this film was my kids. They've loved the Oobi character ever since it first appeared on our TV. My son got a real kick out of the preliminary renders of this film while I was making it. Plus, this was a great excuse to get both of them in the film.

About me:
This is the second Star Wars fan film that I have produced. Because both of my films are very short and a generally silly parodies, I almost feel like a hack calling myself a filmmaker. Honestly, I do this for entertainment purposes only. I have no aspirations of doing films or special effects for a living. If I can make a few people crack a smile while watching the films, I feel I've accomplished my task.

Technical stuff about this film:
All the post production was done in After Effect 5.5. Awesome, awesome program. All the 3D/CGI stuff was done in Bryce 4.0 using mostly models supplied by and a few that I built custom for this film. Credits for all the models are listed in the film. A couple of addition models/renders were supplied by Nick Juchysyn, writer/director of the upcoming fan film, Hidden Phantom. In order to make an additional plug here, I first met up with Nick in the TFN Fan Film Forums after I released Disaster at Naboo. Soon after, I began working with him doing some of the FX for his film!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of this stuff. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the short flick.

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