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The US Is Losing Its Fight Against Huawei
The Trump administration has spent years pressuring the UK to ban Chinese giant Huawei. It didn't work.
How to Nail a Front Flip in a Monster Truck
Want to attempt this gravity-defying stunt in a 5-ton vehicle? Better know your physics.
The History of Food Photos, From Still Lifes to Brunch 'Grams
Humans have been snapping pics of their plates for over 160 years—and photos of meals have revealed a lot about the people gathered at the table.
'Kingdom Hearts III Re: Mind' Is the Antidote to Bad Endings
In a cultural moment where franchises like Star Wars and Game of Thrones don't know how to end well, Kingdom Hearts says: Why end at all?
6 Best Gaming Desktop PCs (2020): Custom, High-End, Cheap
I assure you, these PC battle stations are fully armed and operational. They're also WIRED Recommended.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone's Encryption
Both iPhones and Androids are encrypted by default. But there are steps you can take to safeguard your data on backups and messaging apps.
The 10,000-Year Clock Is a Waste of Time
It's less a monument to long-term thinking than a Gilded Age distraction.
The 6 Best TVs for Every Budget (2020): TCL, Samsung, LG
The best, boldest, and most budget-friendly 4K and 8K TVs WIRED has seen, from OLEDs to LCDs.
When ‘Ghost Kitchens’ Become Mystery Grubhub Listings
A takeout mix-up in San Francisco revealed a dirty secret of the food-delivery business: restaurants listed without their permission.
The Tragedy and Mystery of the ‘Best Game of the Decade’
Now that the fifth and final chapter of *Kentucky Route Zero* is out, we know how it ends—and have more questions than ever.


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