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Delivering More 5G Data With Less Hardware
A proposed crowd-sourcing technique could mean that hardware for 5G networks hitches a ride on cars
Engineering a Repairable World
It's time for engineers to champion repair
How India, the World's Largest Democracy, Shuts Down the Internet
Colonial-era laws give Indian officials broad authority to order Internet shutdowns in the name of public order
First Blue LED Emission From a Perovskite
Understanding how current flows inside perovskites inspires a new type of blue LED
Mixing Quantum States Boosts Fiber Communications
A new method could increase transmission of secure data
Profile: Christian Wanamaker Teaches Robots to Learn How to Help Students
Teachers can train robots to help students with autism spectrum disorder with this programmer's code
European Space Agency Targets Orbital Debris, Solar Storms
The ClearSpace-1 and Lagrange missions will try to make life safer both in orbit and here on Earth
Holding Light (Temporarily) in Place
New research describes potential ways to momentarily store light pulses
Iran May Deploy Wiper Malware in Response to U.S. Military Strike, Experts Warn
Wiper malware erases the contents of a machine's hard drive and makes it impossible for it to reboot
Researchers Can Make AI Forget You
New methods make removing records from trained models more efficient


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