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How Expat Engineers Can Make a Difference Back Home
Tips for expat engineers who want to engage with their countries of origin
Q&A: How Google Implements Code Coverage at Massive Scale
An analysis by Google researchers reveals how the company's engineers manage code coverage across one billion lines of code
What Silicon Photonics Delivers at 1200 Gigabits Per Second
Acacia demonstrates 1.2-terabit per second, single-wavelength data rates meant to slake the insatiable demands of data centers or transport 400-gig traffic a hundred times farther.
Scientists Wind Wires and Drip Semiconductors to Make Transistors on a Thread
The thread-based transistors are extremely flexible, and could be used in wearables
Electronic License Plates for Drones May Come Soon
New drone standard for remote ID submitted for approval
How Much AI Expertise Do Thought Leaders and Companies Really Have?
Consultancy firm Certified Artificial, which is offering to certify AI companies, has demonstrated its prowess by rating the expertise of Elon Musk and Henry Kissinger
This Startup Wants to Stash Your DNA on the Moon
LifeShip says it will offer lunar backup storage of human DNA in “artificial amber”
IoT Security Risks: Drones, Vibrators, and Kids' Toys Are Still Vulnerable to Hacking
In a series of experiments, researchers showed how to intercept transmissions and hoist control of popular Internet of Things devices
How the United States Is Developing Post-Quantum Cryptography
NIST has enlisted researchers from academia and private industry to get quantum-resistant cryptography ready for 2022
Parrot Adds Folding VR Goggles to Anafi Drone Kit
One of our favorite consumer drones gets an FPV upgrade


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